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Sports Saunders Therapy Centers Edina, St Paul, Maple Grove

Sports Injury Rehab

Today, both the young and adult populations are getting more involved in extensive recreational and school activities. With these opportunities, however, comes an increased risk for both acute and overuse injuries. At Saunders Therapy, we have professional staff members who are equipped with the knowledge to evaluate and treat such injuries and also provide education regarding prevention and training regimens for all ages.

Whether a weekend runner or a high school athlete, we individualize our evaluation and treatment to help an individual recover and return to their sports/activity. In our treatment plan, we include function-specific training and knowledge to prevent further injuries.

Our sports medicine treatment approach includes the following:

  1. Musculoskeletal Evaluation: This is an evaluation of the individuals’ muscle strength, imbalances, and flexibility, posture, and specific functional tests to analyze biomechanics and movement patterns. 
  2. Treatment: Whether you suffer from an acute knee injury or chronic ankle sprains, we individualize our treatment approach to help return you safety to your activity. This may include the following:
  • Manual therapy: Joint and soft tissue mobilization to improve the athletes flexibility, promote healing, decrease muscle spasm, and improve overall upper or lower body efficiency with performing activities.
  • Neuromuscular Re-education Training: This includes performing hands on resistive training or balance/proprioception activities in the gym to improve your body’s awareness and muscle control.
  • Sport specific Training: We educate the individual in appropriate interval training programs including throwing, running, and performing specific exercises in the gym to improve strength and balance in functional positions.
  • Braces: In order for appropriate return to activity, we may recommend/order specific braces for injury protection for a safe return.
  • Education: Especially with young athletes, it is very important to educate both the individual and family on injury prevention, activity modification, acute medical management of injuries, so these growing individuals can prevent future injuries.

Expected Outcomes: Depending on the diagnosis, the number of visits can range from 2-10, with the average being 6.

Our Approach to Sports Injury Rehabilitation is Comprehensive and Functional at Saunders Therapy Centers!

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