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Choose Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain!

Modern society craves quick-­fix solutions to even complex problems, but this mindset can be particularly counterproductive when it comes to LBP.

Chronic Pain Alternatives - Physical Therapy and Other Non-Drug Interventions

When it comes to treating chronic pain, physicians have often turned to medication as a first resort. Is strong medication the only thing that can provide relief for headaches? Is there no other approach for treating neck and back pain?

Arthritis isn't just Wear and Tear!

Arthritis isn't just wear and tear. This article, published by NPR, talks about the benefits of regular, gentle exercise to prevent and manage osteoarthritis.


I want to talk more about the power of positivity... Trying to be positive when you’re experiencing stress or pain is difficult, and do-gooders who spout trite advice can come off as annoying, at best!

A Positive Outlook May Be Good for Your Health!

There is no longer any doubt that what happens in the brain influences what happens in the body. As physical therapists, we know this intuitively.

Is Your Headache a Pain in the Neck?

Did you know? Many headaches are caused by neck problems.

Herniated Disc - Should I be afraid?

Robin Saunders Ryan, MS, PT   A common cause of back pain and sciatica is herniated disc. When our patients first hear that diagnosis, many of them are afraid, because they may know someone who had surgery or might have had a poor outcome. MRIs, CTs, and even drawings of herniated discs can be really frightening!   In fact, most people with a diagnosis of herniated disc do very well with conservative care. We use manual therapy, and teach you proper positioning and exercise to counteract the stressful forces that your work, hobbies and habits place on your back.   ...

Text Neck - Yes, it's a Thing!

Greg Zimel, DPT from our Edina and Maple Grove offices found an article in the Washington Post about a new phenomenon in health care: It's informally called "text neck", and it refers to the neck and upper back pain, headaches, and even arm and hand symptoms that can be caused by excessive texting. Looking down at your phone is only half the problem. A sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, static positions, and muscle imbalances - these can all contribute to the syndrome. Physical therapists are movement specialists! If you're having trouble with "text neck" or anything else, give us a call ...

Should I Stretch Before I Exercise?

by Lisa Martens, DPT Stretching is something that we have been taught to do ever since our physical education classes growing up. Static stretching of holding a particular stretch for 30-60 seconds has been highly debated over the past few years. Research now shows that a static stretching prior to exercise can negatively affect your muscles power, strength, and overall performance. Dynamic stretching consists of active movements that elicit a stretch, but are not held for any length of time. Through repetitive movements, it helps prepare your muscles and joints for your workout. By properly warming up your body prior ...


by Cathy Piela, OTR/L People don’t touch a hot stove and go back and touch it again. When it hurts to move after an injury the tendency is to stop moving. This can lead to fear and avoidance of movement which can be detrimental to recovery. We tend to direct our attention to pain and this actually increases our pain and leads to avoidance. When people stop doing the activity that they enjoy they can get depressed and quickly roll into the vicious cycle of chronic pain. Movement promotes blood flow and helps normalize the tissue. Occasionally ...

Physical Therapy FIRST for Low Back Pain!

By Robin Saunders Ryan, PT, MS CEO When you need help for back pain, who do you think of first? A recent study* showed that patients who saw a physical therapy FIRST for back pain experienced significantly lower total costs compared with both the no-PT and PT-later groups, including lower out-of-pocket expenses. PT-first patients had significantly lower rates for emergency room visits, imaging, and opioid prescriptions compared with the other groups.In Minnesota, you can self-refer for physical therapy – you do not always need a physician’s referral, and we are skilled at determining when help from ...

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