Industrial Therapy

Saunders Therapy—the Twin Cities Leader in Industrial Therapy

Saunders Therapy Centers’ mission is to maximize the work-related functional abilities of those injured on the job. Communication is a hallmark of our industrial physical and occupational therapy services. We work closely with the client, physician, Qualified Rehabilitation Counselor (QRC), case manager, insurance adjuster, and employer to fully understand the unique requirements of each case.

Each of our clinics has a large gym area and equipment that allows us to evaluate work-related function and simulate job-related activities for nearly any job. The clinicians who provide these industrial therapy services are specially trained, experienced, and understand industry, the workers compensation system, and the unique issues involved in work-related injuries. Industrial therapy services are delivered by a team consisting of  industrial therapists (physical and occupational therapists), PT assistants, and OT assistants. 

Our industrial therapy services are comprehensive and include work hardening and functional capacity evaluation (FCE). 

Realistic, Experienced, Non-Biased Industrial Therapy Services