Myofascial Physical Therapy FAQs

Do you offer Myofascial Physical Therapy at all of your offices?

We have myofascial physical therapy specialists at our Bloomington and Saint Paul offices. In addition, the PTs at our Maple Grove office use some myofascial techniques in their comprehensive therapeutic approach for many painful disorders.

What special training have your Myofascial physical therapists had?

Our myofascial physical therapists have years of training and experience, including multiple certifications from John Barnes, the Upledger Institute, and the Barral Institute.

What is the advantage of receiving myofascial therapy from a physical therapist?

In addition to intensive training in myofascial techniques, a physical therapist has much more education in manual therapy, anatomy, physiology, and other areas of medicine not covered in other practitioners’ curricula (e.g., massage therapy). A physical therapist has many more “tools in the toolbox” to help you with your painful condition.