Patient Satisfaction is Our Top Priority at Saunders Therapy Centers – Here is What Our Patients Say:

“I’ve had a great experience at Saunders. Everyone is nice and caring. I had bad nerve pain in my leg after having hip replacement and couldn’t walk well. After 3 weeks of therapy I was able to walk without the walker. Trisha worked hard with me and gave me a good home therapy to work on. I was faithful in doing my exercises and it’s paid off. Now I’m walking really well without a limp and my nerve pain is gone. Trisha has been a blessing to me.”
Paulette S.

“I came in September after suffering a knee injury at work as a ramper for Southwest Airlines. In the beginning I had trouble bending my leg, kneeling, and squatting. After weeks of different stretches and weights I wasn’t making any improvements. After a return visit to my doctor it was discovered that I had a hip injury to boot. I was pretty down on myself for this and wondered if I would ever be able to return to my job at southwest. Even though I was really down, the Saunders Edina team kept providing a positive vibe toward me which seemed to set me in the right direction. After some new stretches and weight training I was able to get close to 100% function. I don’t think I could have ever reached my desired outcome if it wasn’t for caring, hard work, and pushing me to be better, and I can’t thank you all enough. I’m back at work now because of what all you guys did for me and how you always kept my hopes up and dreams high, and never let me get too down even on days I was hurting.”
Jeffrey S.

“Between June 2015 and June 2016, my back pain gradually got worse. Despite many physical therapy sessions at two different establishments, my ability to do any sort of exercise continued to decline to the point where the most I could do was a 10-minute walk. In July 2016, a friend recommended that I go to see John Hovde. John’s insight and experience led to a different approach than my other PT encounters had used, and I’ve gradually been able to consistently increase my ability to exercise—I’m now able to do at least an hour a day of cardio and weight machines—and my level of muscle tightness and back pain has gradually but dramatically reduced. My friend’s recommendation was a genuine quality-of-life saver… John is very enjoyable to work with, and the results have been exceptional.”
Dan B.

“My experience at Saunders was the greatest. I have been to other therapy centers and I have to say Saunders is the best. The staff and the equipment far exceeds any other.”
Merry S.

“I’m very happy with my total experience here. I had a knee replacement in November and with the exercises Lisa provided, recovery was a piece of cake! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Saunders to anyone needing physical therapy. Besides needing therapy for my knee, I developed problems with sciatica pain. It was dealt with through exercises and it soon subsided. At this time, I couldn’t be happier with the results of PT for my knee. I feel I’m almost 100% “cured”—back to normal!”
Charlotte M.

“The work hardening program helped me a lot at Saunders; with the exercises and stretching my pain got better and at the end of the program, I didn’t have any pain. Thank you!”
Antonio B.

“Hi! My name is Mei and I’m a flight attendant. I dislocated my shoulder handling luggage in the overhead bins. It took a while for my body to respond to the smaller (but just as important) physical therapy movements after the injury. By the time I was through with building the tiny muscles that surround the shoulder, I hadn’t lifted anything in over a year and my stamina was gone. Once I was at Saunders, I was able to visualize going back to work by doing tasks that simulated my job. It felt like I finally had a tangible goal in front of me, and it helped me focus tremendously. The encouraging atmosphere definitely helped as well. Yay Saunders Edina!”
Mei S.

“Before my surgery, any usage of my right shoulder was extremely painful. After surgery and light PT, I regained lot of mobility and had less pain, but I had no strength. I would frequently ice and take my pain medication. Once starting at Saunders we discussed some underlying muscle issues and started there. It appeared to me that every two weeks there was noticeable difference in pain levels and strength. I now experience some discomfort at times, however, it is night and day from before my surgery and leaps above the day I started at Saunders.”
David M.

“My experience at Saunders was both hard work and fun interaction with the staff. The people at Sanders are great. Mark Hauk, Kimber Crabtree, and Catherine Piela all helped me out, and tried in helping me reach all my goals. I would recommend to anyone who needs this type of therapy to go check out Saunders.”
Eric G.

“My Saunders story has been life changing! I spent nine months off of work with multiple other treatment modalities but Saunders got me “work ready.” Chiropractic, massage therapy, and acupuncture were all helpful at other stages of my recovery. The final piece was simulating a regular day at work. I would say it was a success! Jason, Carlyn, Deb, Larry, and of course Bob all made this possible for me. Very thankful and looking forward to future “pop in” visits.”
Rachel G.

“Great therapy centers. Excellent staff, Jason not so much (just kidding, haha). They made me feel welcomed. All I can say is great people. Sad to leave, but happy to go. They gave me the confidence to go back to my job.”
Jim B.

“I had hurt my lower back at my hospital job. I couldn’t lift or bend; nothing over 10vlbs. I had low confidence in my ability to do anything. I had nothing. No income, no home, my body was breaking down. But every day I came to Saunders. Jason, Carlyn, Deb, Larry, Greg, and the office staff have been so amazing. They encourage me. They really went above and beyond. Two months later I’m strong, confident, and I feel that I will be back at my job. If not “I’m ready” (in my SpongeBob voice). Thank y’all for everything. Ya know you won’t forget Meka. Happy New Year. P.S. Ron, you’re amazing.”
Meka W.

“As a retiree of four years and a busy grandmother of five who is starting to think of preparing for the holidays, I had a wake-up call in October when my back was so painful that I couldn’t put my socks on. I had been cared for at Saunders in St. Paul by Lisa during rehab from a new knee, broken shoulder, and a sore neck in past years so I knew where to go for help with the current back problem. Lisa instructed me regarding the modification of exercises I was doing that were not helping me in this case, so I was able to begin a healthy regime of exercises. Manual manipulation and deep heat treatments with guidance from Lisa have me now where I need to be for my comfort. I have always received the treatment I needed at Saunders. The pleasant office staff are wonderful too!”
Alice N.

“My experience here has been quite satisfactory. My therapist is confident, respectful, a good listener and explainer. With hands on treatment and a regime of exercises she/we were able to eliminate part of my problem. Stair walking/climbing is no longer a problem for me. My low back pain remains an issue—one which I suspect will require a different therapy modality.”
Art K. 

“I first saw Marie H. about 6 years ago for hip flexor issues, 2 years ago for shoulder pain, and most recently for bursitis in my knee. Each time she helped me to manage the pain and eventually get better in a very professional manner. I can’t say enough good things about Marie and the staff (Martha, Kelly, and Larry) at Saunders Therapy. Everyone is very warm and friendly and so helpful. If I ever need future services for PT I know where to go. I have extreme confidence in Marie and Saunders Therapy. Thank you for helping me through some tough times!”
Lisa V.

“I am extremely pleased with my Saunders experience! The entire staff was extremely thorough and professional in their treatment of me. They strengthened my body and helped improve my flexibility where it was needed most. I recommend Saunders Therapy Centers to anyone battling back from a workplace injury!”
Rick S.

“My experience at Saunders went well above what I was expecting from a therapy center. They seem to have a member of their staff for that particular problem you may be experiencing – physically and mentally. I hadn’t heard of Work Hardening therapy before coming to Saunders and was worried initially about aggravating an already sensitive part of my body. The two therapists that I worked with quickly eased my worry by showing a sixth sense-like approach to each session. They always seemed to have that delicate balance of knowing when to dial things back a bit or if I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. It made me more comfortable knowing that I could safely push myself and focus on healing instead of further injuring myself. Shout out to Tyler and John Schweiss! Can’t say enough good things about them and the Saunders staff as a whole.”
Jessie W. (work hardening client)

“I came here with severe pain in my neck due to cervical arthritis. I worked with Greg who used massage and exercises to improve my posture and take more pressure off my neck. I didn’t want to take drugs for my problems and now I don’t have to because I have taken what he taught me and worked it into my daily routine of walking and exercise. Thank you Greg – you were very patient and an excellent therapist.”
Betty I.

“When I first came to Saunders, I was very dizzy and off-balance. I walked like I was drunk, could not walk a straight line, climb stairs, or step off curbs. The exercises Greg gave me helped strengthen my legs and core muscles. Now I have gained confidence so that I am able to do all of these things!”
Mary B.

“Everything went very well. All staff were very nice and did a great job on telling my what to do and why. I feel like I’m ready to go back to work. There or my records show. You were all GREAT!!”
Larry W (Work Hardening program client)

“As my 3rd therapist from my accident, Saunders was my final voyage on the road to recovery. Two years and two surgeries later, the light at the end of the tunnel is bright. Saunders provided a professional yet relaxing atmosphere. All the guidance and conversations were very eeducational. It’s been a really long time since I’ve had so much fun in such a diversified atmosphere. Everybody works very hard. Thank you!”
Shawn B. (Work Hardening program client)

“10 years ago, I came to Saunders after right shoulder surgery. After 8 weeks and great support from Larry Quinn and Carlyn Gilmore, I finally returned to work, 1 year after surgery. They were amazing. They listened and with great planning came up with a regiment of movements and exercises to get  me back to work. I never had another problem with my right shoulder again, either instability nor pain. Advance to 19 November 15… while loading an electric wheelchair on a plane, the person at control of the beltloader was not paying attention. The 250# wheelchair big wheels caught on the non-moving portion of the beltloader, knocking me off balance. I had a split second to decide to jump as far as possible or risk falling and having the 250# chair crush my legs. I landed on my right shoulder and rolled. After an attempt at cortisone in the shoulder and therapy elsewhere 2x/week, surgery was done to repair a near 2-inch tear on the labrum and a bicep tendonesis in February. More therapy 2x/week, then an attempt at light duty that failed because of too much repetitive motion. The doctor and I determined Saunders and work hardening was the place for me. Once again, Larry and Carlyn were here to fix me up. This time it only took 5 weeks. I feel strong again!! I feel ready to work, in fact eager for it again. I knew they would have my back here and get me ready the RIGHT WAY, with my health, both mentally and physically, the priority. I would always recommend Saunders and particularly Larry Quinn, Carlyn Gilmore and very special thanks also to Jason Hokkanen who was right there with me everyday checking how I was feeling, icing me down and sharing a good laugh. Thank you, SAUNDERS ROCKS!!!”
Joel P.

“I had an excellent therapist (Greg Zimel), he was very caring and professional. Set goals and exercises I could continue to do at home. Pleased with my progress and would return here again if I ever need physical therapy in the future.”
Leroy F.

“It has been an extremely informative few weeks. I learned many new ways to alleviate pain in my hip. The therapist was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and a joy to be in therapy with. The staff (all of them) have been courteous and a joy to be around. I’ll really miss your candy dish.”
Duane S.

“Saunders Therapy Center in St. Paul location is an awesome place to go to. The staff there are friendly and motivating. They work professionally and effortlessly to ensure that you are better and ready to go back to work. I recently had a ACL/MCL reconstruction and before I went to Saunders, I wasn’t receiving the proper treatment from my hospital’s physical therapy clinic. At Saunders, the staff show great interest in their clients and the care about your wellness. After my first 2 weeks there I was able to do so much more than before. The programs they have there are unbelievable. They have a lot room, good therapy equipment, and flexible schedule. Overall, Saunders in St. Paul is just an awesome place to go to for physical therapy and I would definitely recommend Saunders in St. Paul to anyone.” 
Chinskie Y.

“I have been to physical therapy a few times before and no one has ever helped me as much as Greg. He truly cares about you and your progress and right from Day One I knew I could trust him, which in rehabbing after a surgery like myself, is very important. The time he takes to make sure I was comfortable and all my questions were answered made me feel very comfortable. I also feel like, plain and simple, I hit the jackpot with therapists. I highly recommend Saunders Therapy and furthermost, Greg, for your therapy/rehab needs. I know they helped me more than I ever thought possible.”
Tara W.

“During my Functional Capacity Evaluation, I learned that I can actually do more than I thought I was capable of at work and at home. The staff was very pleasant to work with and they do their job well.”
Steven S.

“My experience at Saunders Therapy – Edina has always been excellent. All staff are extremely polite and kind. Marie Holecek is absolutely outstanding in every way. Her osteopathic therapy has been wonderful and has helped me significantly. It’s always a great experience at Saunders Therapy in Edina.”
Marion M.

“Had a great experience with Trisha. First visit was barely able to function without pain,. After working through the exercises and building my core strength, I am back to running and training for my next race.”
Eric M.

“I hurt my shoulder doing cement work and couldn’t do any overhead lifting of anything over 5 lbs. I was unable to shovel, which is a critical part of my job. After coming to Saunders for Industrial Rehab, I worked with an amazing team of therapists. They helped me day by day to rebuild my shoulder and work my way up to full working potential after a major setback. I can now lift 40 lbs overhead, I have full range of motion, and I’m uber-excited to get back to work!”
Chris F.

“I came in to see Tricia wearing a walking boot and experiencing pain with even minor activities like standing. Being a UPS driver, I needed to be able to go up and down steps and walk carrying extra weight of packages, none of which I was able to do. Throughout my treatment, Tricia addressed my needs and concerns, focusing not only on rehabilitating my ankle for my job but also for my personal quality of life. I am able to do all the things I need to at work, pain free and confident in my abilities.”
Jodi B.

“I was recommended by my OB/Gyn to get PT for my pelvic floor muscles. I searched online and found great reviews about Saunders Therapy. I am so glad that I came here and nowhere else. My therapist, Amy, is an amazing therapist. I had been suffering from a dull pain in my abdomen for over two years. Using several techniques, she was able to resolve this two year old pain within 6 visits. My whole experience at Saunders was excellent. Thank you Saunders and thank you Amy so much.”

“Very nice people who push you to do your best. They (Carlyn and Larry) really helped me strengthen my arms and legs after a stroke. They don’t let up – but in a good way.”

“I have a chronic illness and have been to many physical therapists and Marie is one of the very best I’ve encountered. She is straightforward, compassionate, easygoing and employs a sophisticated mix of techniques to deal with my ever changing physical issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone, but particularly those struggling with chronic health issues. Thanks!”

“I have been to PT probably 4 different times in the past 10 years and PT always left a bad “taste” in my mind. Up until I met Carey. She is awesome. Her demeanor, the exercises and her approach could convert anyone opposed to PT. The entire program is very well done! Carey showed me things to do in everyday living without thinking “I’m exercising”, and I feel the results!”

“Saunders Therapy has always gone above and beyond in meeting my physical therapy needs. I appreciate their being on time, providing water and magazines and mints in the waiting room. The exercises and stretches are easy to understand and use. Thank you!!”

“I am very pleased with the care I received at Saunders Therapy Centers. My therapist, Lisa was excellent. She explained everything about my condition. Very professional.”

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