Saunders Therapy Centers: 33 Years Serving the Twin Cities

Saunders Therapy Centers, PA is an independent physical therapy practice founded in 1988 by local physical therapists Duane Saunders and his daughter Robin Saunders Ryan. Partner Dan Wolfe retired in 2015.

Saunders Therapy Centers is a certified Woman Owned Business, employing 12 physical and occupational therapists, six physical therapy and occupational therapy assistants, and a wonderful administrative staff at three locations: Bloomington, St. Paul, and Maple Grove.

Because we are an independent private practice, we have no financial ties to any hospital, physician, or insurance group. Therefore, our success depends on providing outstanding clinical care and customer service, and we have enjoyed a great reputation with solid growth since we first opened our doors. Being physical therapist-owned means we are focused on quality.

Saunders’ philosophy can be summarized in these guiding principles:

  • Rigorous education and training
  • Consistency with ONE therapist
  • Concern with cost-effectiveness

Rigorous Education and Training
Saunders physical therapists have graduated from PT programs with strong reputations in orthopedics. All therapists are required to complete our one-year mentorship program, regardless of their experience level at the time they join our practice. This helps to ensure consistency in evaluation and treatment skills, thought process and overall philosophy. Many on our team have also developed further specialization in areas such as pelvic health, TMJ (jaw) dysfunction, myofascial and craniosacral therapy, and rehabilitation of industrial injuries. We are skilled in ergonomics, body mechanics and posture training, and emphasize prevention of reinjury.

Consistency with ONE Therapist/PTA Team
Unlike many of our competitors, we make sure you see the same therapist or therapist/assistant team at each visit. This philosophy results in more concentrated hands-on care, consistent education, and targeted exercise progression. You will notice the difference! Progress more quickly through your rehabilitation, save money, and more quickly return to function.

Concern with Cost-Effectiveness
At Saunders, we are aware that most of our clients are paying out-of-pocket for a large portion of their care. Insurance rates and medical costs keep rising year after year. We have always been committed to being part of the solution, not the problem. To this end, we focus on essential hands-on techniques and patient education to TEACH you the best way to quickly recover and prevent reinjury. We will not waste your time or money with techniques that aren’t shown to have a lasting benefit. We work with you to integrate self-exercise at home or at your health club so that every visit at our clinics is efficient and effective. On average, the number of visits required to achieve your goals is lower at Saunders than at many other clinics. 


At Saunders, we take feedback seriously. We work hard to ensure that our patients can expect great results from our care and advice. We encourage reviews and monitor Google, Facebook, and other social media sites to make sure we are measuring up. Our management team is on “high alert” to respond to every suggestion for improvement. Feedback from patients, QRCs, and physicians is used to determine best practices, prevent unnecessary treatments, and make sure our techniques are maximally effective.

Independent Physical Therapist Ownership

Saunders Therapy Centers is owned by a physical therapist and we are independent from physician, hospital and insurance groups. Why is this important?

  • Physical therapists know physical therapy – No corporate HR person is involved in hiring our physical therapy staff. We are picky. Our PTs come from universities with strong reputations in orthopedic care. 
  • Fair pricing – Because we are independent and physical-therapist owned, Saunders Therapy Centers can offer great care at a fair price – we are not used as a profit center for larger, multi-specialty medical centers, hospitals, or insurance-owned facilities.

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