Functional Capacity Evaluation – The Saunders Method

The Most Comprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluation in Minnesota

Saunders Therapy Centers’ evaluation is 2 days, 16 hours long!

Saunders’ mission is to identify and maximize the work-related functional abilities of those injured on the job. Communication is a hallmark of our service. We work closely with the client, physician, Qualified Rehabilitation Counselor (QRC), case manager, insurance adjuster, and employer to fully understand the unique requirements of each case.

Each of our clinics has a large gym area and equipment that allows us to perform unique FCEs, with the ability to simulate job-related activities for nearly any occupation. The clinicians who provide our FCE services are specially trained and very experienced. They understand industry, the workers compensation system, and the unique needs for evaluating clients with work-related injuries.

In addition to FCEs, we offer Work Hardening rehabilitation services and our specialized Work Ready for Brain Injury Program.


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Our Method

We have found that the best way to evaluate a person’s endurance is to observe our clients in a work-like environment for multiple hours and days. Therefore, Saunders Therapy Centers’ FCE is 2, full days long. After a 2-hour baseline assessment, during which we determine maximum capabilities, each client performs repetitive or sustained simulated work tasks for the duration of the FCE. This ensures content validity for REAL LIFE endurance testing.

We spend a great deal of time prior to every FCE to make sure we understand the purpose. The activities tested during the two, 8-hour  days are often very specific to a particular job. We can also perform a more generic FCE if no particular job goal is identified or we are being asked to identify general abilities. Our Functional Capacity Evaluation is appropriate for all types of injuries.

Advantages to the Saunders FCE include:

  • Customized activity selection results in highly relevant, valid results.
  • True endurance capabilities observed – no extrapolation.
  • Referral sources love our reports – Detailed description of evaluation goals, activities performed, and clear, non-ambiguous recommendations.

Realistic, Experienced, Non-Biased