Insurance Information

Along with good outcomes, you deserve efficient care that doesn’t waste your time or money. Saunders Therapy Centers’ average cost per visit compares very favorably with other local providers, as shown by the Health Care Bluebook, a nationwide effort to help consumers determine a fair price for health care services. Medical costs continue to rise every year, and you have a choice where you go for care. Why not choose an independent, cost-conscious physical therapy clinic? Because we are independent and physical-therapist owned, Saunders Therapy Centers can offer great care at a fair price – we are not used as a profit center for larger, multi-specialty medical centers, hospitals, or insurance-owned facilities.

Saunders Therapy Centers is a provider for nearly all local private health plans, state and federal government plans, and worker’s compensation plans. Please call your insurance company if you have a specific question about your physical therapy benefits. 

Be aware that some insurances have several different plans with varying benefit levels. You should always check with your health plan for specific details about your coverage.

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