Neck Pain Treatment

Saunders Therapy Centers clinicians are experienced in treating the complexity of the spine and provide effective, case-specific management of acute and chronic neck (cervical spine) problems. Neck pain is often accompanied by headache, arm, or lower back pain. We are skilled at connecting the dots – your evaluation and treatment plan will address all the related symptoms, and you’ll be on the road to recovery in no time.

Our Process

Musculoskeletal Evaluation: Our consultation starts with a thorough exam that includes an assessment of your posture, muscle flexibility and strength, spinal symmetry, and a neurological assessment.

Treatment: Your individual plan of care may include hands-on techniques to restore spinal symmetry and normal joint motion, reduce muscle tension, increase flexibility, and restore myofascial mobility.

Functional re-training will help normalize posture and body mechanics, correct faulty movement patterns, and strengthen the deep core muscles of the cervical spine. 

When is Neck Pain Serious?

Neck pain is usually non-serious and resolves within 2-6 weeks. Rarely, neck pain should be considered an emergency, or needs further treatment before seeing a physical therapist. Here are some situations where you should seek immediate medical attention:

What Causes Neck Pain?

Cervical spine pain can be the result of a single event or trauma, or the result of a combination of factors including poor posture, declining physical fitness, and/or repetitive activities, including faulty lifting, bending, or twisting. Previous injury and family history may also be a contributing factor.

Therapy For Neck Pain

Physical therapists can immediately decrease neck pain with manual therapy, myofascial techniques, postural training, and restoring muscular length and strength through specific exercise.