Orthopedic Treatment Philosophy

  • Musculoskeletal Evaluation: We will evaluate muscle strength, imbalances, flexibility, posture, and specific functional tests to analyze biomechanics and movement patterns. From there we work to establish an individualized plan of care to address the findings.
  • Manual therapy: Joint and soft tissue mobilization helps to improve the flexibility and stability, promote healing, decrease muscle spasm.
  • Exercise: Very targeted exercises to restore strength, stability, mobility and balance are prescribed. We won’t waste your time with lengthy exercise “protocols”. Instead, we hone in on the most important activities specific to your condition.
  • Modalities: We use modalities like ultrasound, e-stim, heat and cold sparingly – our philosophy is more likely to be geared toward hands-on manual care and exercise.
  • Education: One of the most important features of our care is education to prevent reinjury. Often, simple changes in posture or lifestyle can make a big difference.
Jenn Joslyn DPT shoulder exam