Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

Individuals of all genders can suffer from aggravating or painful symptoms of the pelvic floor and related structures. Many people don’t realize that physical therapy is an option. The pelvic floor is made of muscles and tendons, and is an integral part of the musculoskeletal system, providing support to your vital organs, back and hips. Pelvic floor dysfunction can be the cause of many painful and annoying disorders.

Our Process:

Evaluation: Listening to your story is our top priority. A complete understanding of your symptoms and experience will guide our examination. A pelvic health exam may include a functional movement and posture assessment, range of motion and muscle strength testing, and soft tissue evaluation. Our pelvic health therapists can perform an internal pelvic floor muscle exam for all genders if appropriate and with your informed consent.

Treatment: Our treatment plans are built around your unique goals. We utilize many treatment strategies to ensure your physical therapy is completely customized to you. This can include guidance on current habits that influence the pelvic floor, toileting strategies, pain relieving techniques, stretching and strengthening therapeutic exercises, and manual therapy. We can perform biofeedback for assisting pelvic floor muscle coordination.

Patients often find a major improvement in quality of life after consultation with our physical therapists. At Saunders Therapy Centers, our experts can see you in any of our clinics – St. Paul, Bloomington, or Maple Grove.

Frequently Asked Questions About Saunders Pelvic Health

Pelvic Pain Education

Physical Therapy for Incontinence

Several types of incontinence can be helped with physical therapy techniques that can include myofascial treatment, biofeedback, and other interventions.