Therapy For Back Pain

Lower or mid back pain can be debilitating, and it’s tempting to rush to an orthopedic doctor to get help. But wait – physical therapists are skilled at evaluating and treating most back pain problems. What’s more, they are trained to assess whether your condition requires more diagnostic evaluation. Seeing a physical therapist first saves valuable time and expense for the majority of back pain conditions. At Saunders, our approach entails:

Musculoskeletal Evaluation: A thorough evaluation will be performed on your initial visit to assess for possible muscle imbalances, myofascial restrictions, joint dysfunction, and nerve involvement that may be contributing to your symptoms.

Manual Therapy: Our therapists all have advanced training in manual therapy which is a hands-on approach that addresses restrictions in the soft tissue, myofascial system, and/or the spinal joints to facilitate proper alignment and healing.

Spinal Stabilization and Exercise: Studies have shown that deep muscles which control spinal movement are inhibited with your first episode of low or mid back problems. These muscles do not automatically return to proper function when the pain subsides, leaving you vulnerable to further injury. You will be shown specific exercises to activate these muscles properly, decreasing the likelihood of future back pain episodes.

Postural Education and Body Mechanics: Our physical therapists will teach you body awareness and you will learn mechanics and postures that decrease load and stress on the spine, relieving your back pain.

Back Pain Treatment with Exercise

Physical Therapy Back Pain Techniques

Physical therapists can immediately decrease back pain with manual therapy, myofascial techniques, postural training, and restoring muscular length and strength through specific exercise.