Anna Zigmund

Anna Zigmund Clinical Operations SpecialistAnna Zigmund, Clinical Operations Specialist

Clinic: All Clinics

Joined Saunders: 2023

Anna joins Saunders with over 10+ years of experience in healthcare administration throughout the Twin Cities with services that include mental health, substance use, pediatrics and home healthcare. She has a background in teaching history and social studies to grades 5-12 with a bachelor’s degree from St. Cloud State University. When an opportunity to work for a non-profit subsidiary of Lutheran Social Service of MN presented itself, this happenstance led to a change in career focus from education to healthcare administration and nothing has been more fulfilling. Nominated by peers and supervisors for “dedication to compassionate and competent service” after her first year in that position, Anna was honored with the prestigious annual LSS Spirit Award in 2012, presented during an awards luncheon with Jodi Harpstead, the CEO of Lutheran Social Service of MN and future commissioner of the MN Department of Human Services. “With this award, we appreciate and recognize their outstanding commitment to the people we serve and their spirit of generosity.”

As the clinical operations specialist on the Saunders team, she assists with a lot of administrative responsibilities behind the scenes for all three locations including project management, marketing assistance, technology oversight, vendor management, credentialing as well as revenue cycle analysis and support. “I find a great sense of purpose in helping others. I truly enjoy what I do for a living and that passion is very evident in my work from day to day. I love supporting the well-being of the patients we serve and getting to witness the positive effects our services have on their lives. Working in healthcare has been the most rewarding career ever for me.”

Outside of work, Anna enjoys spending time with her family and pets. Favorite pastimes include watching movies and having game nights with friends. Upcoming goals include making more time for travel and pursuing new adventures.


Q&A with Anna

What can patients expect when they see you in the clinic?

A warm, welcoming smile and a positive presence. Happy to help with anything I can to make sure our clients are leaving with a great experience.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun?

I’m a big movie nerd. I love talking about any and all movies – but scary movies are my sweet spot. I look forward to Halloween all year round and love all things spooky. I developed a new hobby during the pandemic making handmade bath products (soaps, bath fizzies, lotion bars, etc) for family and friends as a creative venture that I continue to pursue in my free time. I also enjoy photography projects and graphic design.

What are your favorite ways of staying healthy?

Going on long walks out in nature with my dog, June. A post-winter goal is to take better advantage of all the amazing hiking trails that Minnesota has to offer.

Where is your hometown?

Born in Phoenix, AZ but raised in Burnsville, MN.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I have always loved movies with a passion for filmmaking and the art of storytelling. Growing up as a young lass, I was convinced that I was destined to become the next Stephen Spielberg. (Hey, you never know – there’s still time!) I pursued a formal education in film and completed my first year of film school in Bozeman, Montana. But with the transition from film to digital and how easily accessible cameras were becoming, I figured I’d switch my major to a different form of storytelling – teaching history – and learn everything I needed from the newfangled internet to pursue filmmaking on the side. Making my own low-budget, low-quality horror movie is definitely on the bucket list.

What is your favorite thing about living in Minnesota?

The changing of the seasons. Fall in MN is spectacular. I also love all of the activities and entertainment the Twin Cities has to offer and the ability to experience a blend of so many different cultures.