Employee-Owned ESOP

Meet Our Employee Owners!

Saunders Therapy Centers has been 100% employee-owned since October 28, 2021 in the form of an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), which means the employees buy the company from the founder not with their own money, but from future profits.

This means that all employees are employee-OWNERS with a vested-interest in the vision and success of Saunders.

Our talented workforce is backed by a strong senior leadership team, whose clinical skills and industry smarts are instrumental in keeping Saunders Therapy Centers alive and thriving.

Because we are an independent private practice, we have no financial ties to any hospital, physician, or insurance group. Therefore, our success depends on providing outstanding clinical care and customer service, and we have enjoyed a great reputation with solid growth since we first opened our doors. Founder Robin Saunders Ryan, PT, MS remains the CEO and is focused on employing and mentoring the best PTs and OTs in the Twin Cities.

Read the 2021 Press Release Here

2023 ESOP Month Celebration
Megan Fritsch, OTR/L and Chelsea Kellum, PTA celebrating Employee-Ownership (ESOP) Month, October 2023!

Independent Employee Ownership – The Saunders Therapy Centers ESOP

Saunders Therapy Centers is a 100% employee-owned practice and we are independent from physician, hospital and insurance groups. Why is this important?

  • Physical therapists know physical therapy – No corporate HR person is involved in hiring our physical therapy staff. We are picky. Our PTs come from universities with strong reputations in orthopedic care. 
  • Fair pricing – Because we are independent and employee-owned, Saunders Therapy Centers can offer great care at a fair price – we are not used as a profit center for larger, multi-specialty medical centers, hospitals, or insurance-owned facilities.