Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) FAQs

Do I need a physician or dentist referral for TMJ physical therapy treatment?

We like involving your physician or dentist, but we do not need a referral to perform an evaluation and get you started with pain-relief treatment. We will send treatment notes to the physician/dentist of your choice, and contact them to make sure we’re coordinating care to your benefit.

My pain is not localized to my jaw – I have headache, neck pain, and upper back involvement. Could I have a TMJ disorder?

It’s extremely common for people with TMJ disorders to have headache and neck involvement. Our therapists perform a comprehensive evaluation and treatment is often multifactorial, involving your TMJ and cervical spine. Exercises and manual therapy will involve your neck and head soft tissues, and your posture will definitely be addressed, as spine posture affects how the jaw joint works.

If I have had TMJ surgery, can physical therapy help?

Physical therapist specializing in TMJ disorders can help pre- or post-surgery, and can often provide techniques and advice to help prevent or delay the need for TMJ surgery. It is a good idea to see a physical therapist if you are considering, or have already had, surgery.