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Running Injuries

We have a team of running specialists who can get you on the road to recovery after an injury, assist in injury prevention, and enhance overall performance.

Are you limited to doing your daily or weekend runs around the lake because of pain? Are you a marathon runner who has suffered from several injuries?

As a weekend runner or marathon runner, you can expect a thorough evaluation of your musculoskeletal injury, shoe selection, biomechanical assessment, and foot posture.

The following are the four main components to Saunders Therapy Centers' running program:

  1. Musculoskeletal Evaluation: An evaluation of your posture, muscle imbalances including tightness or overactivity, biomechanical assessment, and a foot analysis to determine structure and mechanical faults. All of these components give us an overall assessment of possible etiological factors to your acute or chronic injury.

  2. Footwear Analysis: We analyze your specific running shoe and provide recommendations, educate you regarding shoe “health” and types, and orthotic recommendations

  3. Running Gait Video Analysis: We will use a frame by frame videotape assessment while you run on a treadmill to evaluate your lower extremity alignment/foot biomechanics and identify muscular imbalances. This way you too can visualize your biomechanical defaults and understand the basis of your treatment and rehabilitation.

  4. Treatment: Whether you suffer from plantar fascitis, shin splints, or hip/back pain with running, we incorporate the above assessment with specific treatment techniques to help return you back to painfree running. These may include:

  • Manual Therapy: Joint/soft tissue mobilization may be performed to improve flexibility, promote healing, and increase efficiency with movement patterns
  • Core Stabilization: Sport specific training to strengthen back, hip, and abdominal musculature to help decrease mechanical load on your lower body and improve balance/proprioception for activities.
  • Exercise instruction: A home exercise program to improve muscular flexibility, strengthening, balance, and facilitate good muscle memory for return to running.
  • Total Contact Orthotics: Foot orthoses are molded for the client in our clinic.

Expected Outcomes: The number of visits required can range from 1-2 if you only need a consultation, to several more, if we are concurrently treating an inflammatory condition.

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