Whiplash Treatment

The treatment of whiplash by physical therapists typically involves a combination of different techniques aimed at reducing pain, improving mobility, and promoting healing. Here are some common approaches Saunders physical therapists use to treat whiplash:

The Saunders Whiplash Treatment Approach

Evaluation and Assessment: Saunders physical therapists begin by assessing the severity of the whiplash injury and identifying any specific areas of concern or limitations.

Pain Management: We use various methods such as ice or heat therapy, gentle manual therapy or massage to help alleviate pain and inflammation in the affected area.

Manual Therapy: As you improve, we employ more hands-on techniques such as massage, joint mobilization, and manipulation to improve joint function and reduce muscle tension.

Stretching and Strengthening Exercises: Specific exercises are prescribed to improve flexibility, strength, and stability in the neck and surrounding muscles. These exercises help to restore normal function and prevent further injury.

Posture and Body Mechanics: Proper body mechanics and posture are emphasized to avoid additional strain on the neck and spine during daily activities.

Range of Motion Exercises: Gradual and controlled movements are prescribed to improve the range of motion in the neck and prevent stiffness.

Education and Lifestyle Modifications: Patients are educated about whiplash and given advice on how to modify their daily activities and movements to support the healing process.

Cervical Traction: In some cases, cervical traction may be used to gently stretch the neck and alleviate pressure on the affected areas.

Functional Rehabilitation: Saunders physical therapists help you gradually return to regular activities and work by addressing any functional limitations caused by the whiplash injury.

whiplash or neck pain
It’s crucial to note that the treatment plan for whiplash can vary based on the severity of the injury and individual patient needs. Early intervention and consistent compliance with the prescribed treatment plan are essential for a successful recovery. If you experience whiplash or any other injury, Saunders physical therapists can help guide you back to full recovery.